Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a vital aspect in completing a successful APO. Going public is a significant milestone in the lifecycle of a company and for its owners and shareholders. The financial, managerial and organizational issues that arise are complex and require a high degree of expertise. Our professionals are sensitive to the different techniques that are most helpful in achieving successful transactions.

Some of the most important work involved in a reverse merger transaction begins long before the public entity is identified. A clearly defined strategy identifying a client’s long-term objectives and how these relate to them being public is the essential starting point for a going public transaction. We assess all aspects of our clients’ goals with a constant focus on how the company will be received in the public financial marketplace.

For example, a properly designed capitalization structure is vital during the transition of becoming a public company. As part of the strategic planning process, we custom tailor a capitalization structure to coincide with the company’s objectives and any anticipated public market requirements. Overall the main areas given consideration during this stage include: future acquisitions, raising capital, shareholder liquidity, stock options, employee stock ownership programs, etc.