The HFG Overview

Thank you for your interest in HFG. Since 1995 we have been recognized as an industry leader given our ability to use our trademarked APO process to provide companies with capital and a listing on a U.S. Stock Exchange. Principals of our firm have completed more than 250 transactions dating back to 1987, with client having secured in excess of 750 million in capital.

HFG's capabilities are specifically focused on our public clients' capital raising and general investment banking needs. Our principals have experience drawn from world-class financial institutions, and maintain extensive relationships with the leading investment banks and investors from around the world.

Our banking and investment relationships provide the cornerstone of our APO process by matching the right investment bank to each individual client. We insure too, to ensure a successful transaction. This sponsorship sets the stage for follow-up financings and M&A transactions.

Because of our investment banking background, both issuers and bankers find a high comfort level in working with HFG and using our APO process, which also allows us to deal with our clients on a direct basis, not as intermediaries. Our primary compensation comes from retaining a small equity position in the post-APO company upon completion of the transaction. We believe that this fact aligns our interests with those of our clients, essentially making us partners as opposed to fee-based service providers. HFG commits significant resources towards maximizing the value of our client's securities.

We can offer our clients a turnkey solution as our organization includes individuals with expertise and knowledge in all of the areas that are required to successfully complete our APO transaction. By doing so, we advise our clients on strategic planning, corporate and securities laws, SEC accounting, investor relations, capital raising and investment banking-related matters.

Our website will give you an expanded view of HFG and the services we provide. We look forward to having the opportunity to learn more about your company and hopefully working together towards a successful APO.

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Our strong track record

HFG Transactions*

ALN / 0.14 / -0.03 / 2212949

ATHX 1.85 -0.05 -2.63%

CAAS 10.50 +6.67 +174.15%

CBAK 8.07 -0.12 -1.47%

CBPO 118.99 +0.04 +0.03%

CPHI 0.43 -0.04 -8.00%

DXPE 21.06 -1.25 -5.60%

KMG 76.14 0.00 0.00%

PGJ 58.30 -2.20 -3.64%

TLF 3.25 -0.20 -5.80%

WTNW 0.04 0.00 -1.57%

BLBX 3.25 0.00 0.00%

*Note: Representative Transactions (partial list)

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