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The Problem

As companies grow, they face challenges that typically include raising capital, satisfying investor demands for liquidity, securing a proper valuation for acquisitions, and attracting and retaining top talent. Because these challenges are diverse and usually arise simultaneously, finding a single source solution is almost impossible. HFG Capital represents that single source solution companies seek as they evolve into public enterprises.

The Solution

HFG works with our clients in the areas of capital raising, valuation enhancement, acquisition strategies, and strategic planning. Our firm has the in-house expertise and third party relationships to amass a team of top tier industry professionals that can cohesively work to develop and execute on a strategy that seamlessly resolves our clients’ issues.

Going Public

HFG’s core competency is helping clients become publicly traded companies. Each client has a unique reason for wanting to be publicly listed, and HFG tailors going public strategies geared to meet our clients’ individual objectives.

HFG’s APO® model allows companies to more easily raise capital, enhance prestige and valuation to facilitate acquisitions, monetize good will, provide shareholder liquidity, and retain existing and secure new talent. HFG’s platform allows companies to initially trade on the OTC Markets and migrate to a larger exchange or, if the client qualifies, list directly on the NASDAQ or the NYSE. Our going public models are suitable for both domestic and international companies. We look for companies with compelling stories, strong management, current financial statements and audits (or the ability to obtain audits), and strong growth prospects. We are industry agnostic, but we can assemble a team with subject matter expertise to ensure the right professionals are analyzing the likelihood of acceptance of a company by the public markets.


Capital Transactions

Whether the capital is for organic growth, debt restructuring, acquisitions, or project finance, our relationships with Tier 1 and 2 investment banks and specialized bond finance firms allow HFG to offer a capital raising solution that works in parallel with our going public services.

HFG originated the APO® Model as a way for any company, foreign or domestic, to contemporaneously raise capital and become publicly listed. The APO’s appeal stems from the fact that both issuers and investors benefit from the transaction. In addition to APO’s we can coordinate both traditional debt and capital markets bond offerings in excess of $1 Billion to fund sophisticated development projects. Our capital transactions are not necessarily mutually exclusive, as we are experienced in coordinating debt and equity transaction that often times simultaneously pair with the ultimate objective of securing an exchange listing. 

Strategic Planning

HFG and its partner firms help our clients identify their goals, the strategies necessary to accomplish those goals, and the systems that will be used to monitor and evaluate progress on the targeted objectives. Our team executes on a planning process that culminates in the development of the client’s road map. With execution and results, market valuation is enhanced and the benefits of being a public company become increasingly more tangible.

While each organization is unique, the essential elements of any strategic plan include:

  • Clear mission and vision statements to frame the context of the document
  • Clear timelines for strategy implementation and progress monitoring
  • Quarterly benchmarks or objectives that will inform progress towards annual goals
  • Identification of the data sources used to track progress
  • Indication of the individuals and/or offices responsible for each strategy

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